This word comes from the KOGUI Indians of Snow Mountain in Santa Marta, Colombia, who, in their knowledge use the word to designate anything that is magical and divine and whose benefits and transcendental beauty harnesses the mysterious and supernatural.


The philosophy of Centro Aluna is essentially pedagogic. It is based in the respect towards the disabled person, the defense of his/her dignity and his/her right to enjoy a full life. We are firmly convinced that disabled people possess the potential to develop themselves; our professional team can offer them means to success.

We work with a pedagogical focus in the empowerment and education of children, teenagers and adults with cognitive and multiple disabilities, sponsoring the development of their potential for integration in their individual family, social, work and cultural environment, respecting their rights and dignity as a human being. We promote special pedagogy and investigate emerging topics concerning special education and coadjutant therapies.

To be recognized nationally and internationally as a model non-profit provider of comprehensive care for people with cognitive disabilities, providing tailored special education and therapeutic assistance and protecting human dignity to combat the condition of poverty of program beneficiaries through the provision of in-home service and by empowering families through need-based programming.

ALUNA’s education bases its actions on the needs of the disabled person. Using this as a framework for action, the interdisciplinary team creates a pedagogical work plan and complementary therapies to achieve two primary objectives: improve their quality of life and increase independence in daily activities.

ALUNA’S logo was inspired in the logo of the Grupo Colombo-Suizo de Pedagogía Especial. The inside circle represents the person’s integrity. One fourth of the circle, shown in only one color, symbolizes the disability while the arrows illustrated in various colors represent the contribution of therapeutic pedagogical work in fostering a better quality of life.

"When a disabled person is taken care of, we should not look only at his/her “defect”, but we should look at all the possibilities both for their education and empowerment or rehabilitation".

The Board of Directors consists of eight persons: city public figures, local men and women, all altruists, with a clear vision of the needs of the disabled and an open heart to help find solutions.

The members of the Board of Directors include:

Pascal Affolter
(Director, Helvetia High School, Bogota)
Lissette González-Rubio
(Legal Director, Chamber of Commerce, Cartagena)
Sebastian Herrera Rodriguez
(Legal advisor for national and international companies)
Max Rodríguez Fadul
(Vice President, Tadeo Lozano University, Cartagena de Indias)
Heriberto Puerta León
Álvaro Cubas Montes
(Civil Engineer)
Peter Welter
AIvaro Gómez Concha
(Director, DOW Chemical, Cartagena de Indias)
Doris Pompeyo de Conrado
(Industrial Engineer)
Raimundo Angulo Pizarro
(President, National Beauty Pageant)

ALUNA Center is property of Fundacion Grupo Colombo Suizo de Pedagogia Especial, and is operated by Fundación ALUNA.

Fundación Aluna

NIT: 806.014.972 - 9
A non-profit organization registered with the Government of Bolivar. Government Legal Permit: Resolution 1689 of September 23, 2003.

Bank Account:
Bancolombia, Savings Account No. 5047-88175-3

Grupo Colombo-Suizo de Pedagogía Especial

NIT: 806.002.233 - 2
A non-profit organization registered by the Cartagena Chamber of Commerce Government Legal Permit 900109 of October 17, 1996.

Bank Account:
Banco de Credito. Code SWIFT BCTOCOBB Account 10953817 (Banco de Credito, Bocagrande Branch, Cartagena de Indias - Colombia) Beneficiary: Fundacion Grupo Colombo Suizo, Checking Account No. 501-07050-2

Donations to any of these two foundations will benefit ALUNA Center.

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En ALUNA encontrarás
Muchas cosas que aprender,
Compañeros por doquier
Profesoras que te amaran.

En ALUNA tu tendrás
La esperanza de alcanzar
Muchos sueños y demás
Que tu vida alegrará.

Son esos logros
Que un día te harán
Una persona importante y capaz
Son esas cosas pequeñas y hermosas que hacen  tú vida feliz, muy feliz.

Es ALUNA el lugar
Donde añoras regresar
Porque sientes que al partir
Algo falta para ti

Repeat choir

Music: Emiliano Cuervo
Lyrics: Cielo Pérez
Interpret: Yoleida Caro

Fundacion ALUNA
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